Is Your House Ready For Green Living?

If you’ve considered going green before, have you thought about making your dwelling environmentally friendly also? Have you thought about employing eco-friendly methods to build a new home or maybe looking for ways to convert your present house so that it will be more earth-friendly? Some people might assume that going green means they have to paint their home green, but that isn’t the case. It’s still a pretty new concept to say to others that your house is a green home. While changing to a green way of living may be out of your financial abilities, the typical family can make smaller changes on the way to complete green living. People decide to follow a green living lifestyle for many different reasons, and with some of them, it is a reason to handle the family’s allergy issues.

What is another reason that people might decide to change their home into an environmentally friendly one? Since it usually ends up costing a lot more when you stick with a green way of living, people can’t be doing it to save money. Having too many chemicals in their home is one big reason for most families. True, there are additional chemicals and the homeowner is actually paying to let these chemicals remain within their house. You may not think it is true, but the vinyl linoleum in your house emits deadly gases. True linoleum, which is typically more difficult to find, does not emit poisonous gases. In numerous cases, the latest product is actually more toxic than the original.

Another way you can help care for the environment is to abide by your local recycling guidelines. Local recycling companies typically take the required government guidelines and adapt them for their communities. This works effectively when you have several containers at the home base that are really accessible. When it’s time to slap a new coat of paint on your place, it’s easy to be green. It’s just a matter of choosing to use paint with low volatile organic compounds. When you decide to reseal your hardwood floors or wood doors, go for a latex paint since this will not create pollution.

If a full remodeling job is not an option, you may want to consider buying energy-efficient green appliances to replace your old ones. Many companies offer at least one green appliance choice. It’s somewhat easy to locate dishwashers and washing machines with low water cycles. Toilets that use less water are available as well, and replacing all of these will save on your water bill, and avoid wasting water. Updating your kitchen by getting new Energy Star appliances is a great way you can give your kitchen a new look. These Energy Star rated appliances are created to be eco-friendly and their stainless steel finish adds a pleasant touch to your kitchen.

Making the decision to go green can completely change your outlook and will let you see many new ways to integrate green living in your life. Pretty soon, you will find yourself choosing to buy more and more green products, such as eco-friendly detergent soap.

Utilizing Small Size Appliances – Helping Free Up Space In Limited Quarters

Anyone that has a small living quarters can really make use of their living space by using small sized appliances. In today’s world, you can find yourself in very cramped quarters. If you live in the city, small apartments are customary. After kids have grown up, parents tend to downsize. Living in crowded dorm rooms is something that most kids will have to tolerate. Whatever your situation might be, you can benefit by learning more about small size appliances.

Many people are happy with the Bonus Package Panda Small Mini Portable Compact Washer, especially if they have limited space and need a washing machine now. If you have a full-size washing machine, you know how much space it takes up. Going to the laundromat is something that you have as an option, but it’s not a very convenient one. Using a compact washing machine can actually solve this problem. Whatever you have to, you can use something like the Panda Mini Portable Washer to get your laundry done. If you travel a lot, this is perfect for you! Instead of finding a laundromat in your town or city, you can avoid paying for laundry fees using this simple washer. Adding soap and water is all you have to do. Close the lid and you can get your laundry done in no time at all.

Cuisinart offers a 4-Cup Food Processor, the DLC-4CHB Mini-Prep, that lets you prepare foods in many ways with a compact appliance. The work bowl of this mini-processor can accommodate up to 4 cups. With this unit, you can grind, puree, chop, emulsify and blend. If you need to chop herbs or puree softer foods, you will love the sharp, patented auto-reversing blade. Harder foods can be ground using the blunt edge. You never lose control of what’s happening to your food with the use of the pulse feature. Even though this mini-processor is small, it’s powerful. And, the good news is that it won’t hog a lot of room, either on your counter-top or in your cupboard.

Don’t buy any compact appliances before you take a good look around your home, most notably your kitchen area. Most of us have old or broken appliances, that we haven’t seen or used in years, hidden away out of sight and out of mind. Some of these may be broken, or simply outdated. Well, our advice is, if they are broken and cannot be fixed, toss them out. You can give outdated appliances that still work to an organization like the Salvation Army, or to someone who could put it to good use. Another option is to sell it. A lot of us end up with some appliances that we just never get around to using. Do you have a pasta maker or espresso machine tucked away somewhere? Start thinking about which appliances you can get rid of or replace. It’s possible to get rid of several appliances and replace them with one multi-function appliance.

When you start looking into the many possibilities for small size appliances, you see how many choices you have. There’s no reason to live in disarray because your large appliances encroach on your small living space. Don’t let having a small kitchen, or home, deprive you of having the appliances you need. Do your research and find creative solutions.

Using Solar Energy For Your Home

Something I am certain you’re aware of is that switching to solar energy is amazing for our planet along with your wallet, but loads of individuals don’t understand what costs are involved to get started. You are going to discover that there are many different sorts of costs involved if you decide to switch over to solar energy, but you should also realize that these costs can be reduced every so often. As you continue to read you’re going to discover that we will be talking about the expenses needed to be able to get started making use of this sort of solar energy.

The very first thing I would like to point out is you can actually buy complete solar panel products that will include almost everything you are going to need in order to get started. You’re still going to need to purchase batteries separately, since this is how you are going to store the energy, so even if they say they’re a complete solar panel kit you should keep this in mind. If you wind up building a large solar panel system you’ll need considerably more batteries than if you decided to just develop a smaller solar panel system. The batteries run about $100 a piece, and you are going to want to make certain that you are buying deep cycle batteries, these can be obtained in an auto parts store.

If you opt to purchase the complete system, you are going to see that it will run you anywhere between $500 and $20,000 with regards to the size of the system you buy. If you would like to buy your solar power panels separately you will find that you are able to purchase three or four, 100 watts each panel’s for about $1000. For those people that are just looking to cut their electricity costs or power their house if they have a small home and they’re the only ones living there, 3 or 4 solar panels should be more than enough panels. For people who use plenty of electricity or have plenty of folks living in your home, you’ll see that a solar panel system of 10 or even 20 solar power panels will be required.

A charge controller for the batteries in addition to a power inverter are two other items that you are going to have to purchase to be able to use this electricity. It’s extremely hard to come up with an actual price for the power inverter mainly because there are many different sizes and the larger the inverter you need the more money you are going to need to pay for it.

For individuals who shop around and try to find the best deals you’re going to find that a tiny solar panel system of three or four panels will only end up costing you $1000 to $1500. You need to also bear in mind that it might be very expensive if this is something that you need to have someone else install for you, and this would be an added expense on top of your initial investment.