Promotional Mail in Charleston, SC

Bulk mail refers to electronic mail that has a variable rate of postage and is sent to an address. Bulk mail generally refers to mail that is processed and sent in bulk at low rates. The term can also be used as a synonym for bulk promotion mail. For example, if you are ordering promotional items from a wholesaler, you might be using the term “bulk order”.

Advantages of Direct Mail

There are many advantages to using direct mail over bulk promotional email. For example, direct mail allows you to target a specific list of potential customers based on demographics. This is important because your items will be received by people who actually want your goods or services. Additionally, a direct mail piece is far less likely to end up in the reject pile than a bulk mail piece. Many companies believe that a small print that includes all the information necessary for the recipient to make an informed decision about your product/service provides the best return on investment.

Marketing Via Mail

When you opt to use a direct mail company to help with your marketing campaign, you should make sure that you are choosing a reputable company that is experienced in delivering large amounts of promotional mail, as well as other types of mail, to various businesses and organizations. A good direct mail company, such as direct mail Charleston SC, should have proof of insurance, which shows that they have been in business for several years. Additionally, the company should have proof of funds, which demonstrates that they have raised funds to pay for the stamps, envelopes and various marketing products that will be utilized with their direct mail campaigns. Finally, check to see whether your prospective direct mail company offers you a discount, either on a bulk purchase or for individual orders. Most companies will give discounts if you order more than one set of marketing stamps or mailers.