Life is ever changing, sometimes at a very rapid pace. But technology is always advancing faster. Just think about it, smartphones are a very new invention and it would already be unheard of to be without yours for more than a day. We are here to try and help bridge that gap between all of the new developments and you. We try to take the biggest and most important things we find and post them here in a way that anyone could understand. Technology, like it or not, is the future.

We’re always more than happy to get your feedback so we can make ourselves better! Perfection is hard to attain, we’re just here to have fun, but we DO want to put out as useful information as we can.

We also have some articles talking about computers specifically. Computers are amazing devices, they essentially do everything for us, we are just in control of the inputs. They can also be extremely sensitive, it doesn’t take much to mess up a computer. These days malware is easier than ever to pick up, and when that happens you should probably turn to the computer repair professionals in your area.