Are parts of your home overflowing with stuff because you just don’t have the storage space you need available? Don’t want to have to drive all the way to a storage unit to drop off/pick up things? You’re not alone. The best answer to your problems is actually a shipping container. Not only are they large enough to hold a ton of stuff – just about anything you may need – but they’re strong enough to keep anything safe. You can also fill them with shelves, tubs, whatever you need to store your stuff. They even work well in places like construction sites, you can store just about any tools and materials you need in there and count on them being safe.

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Shipping containers come in various sizes, ranging from 10’, 20’, and 40’. Most of the time when you come across a shipping container you’re going to find the 20’ variety. These fit perfectly on the backs of trucks and offer you a huge amount of secure storage space. Regardless of size all of these containers can hold thousands of pounds of whatever you need. While the 10’ and 40’ varieties work better in more unique situations, they’re still fantastically useful and could be just what you need to solve all of your problems.

For a lot of people having the storage they need is important, but knowing that that storage is truly secure is just such a relief and the main thing a lot of people are looking for. These containers are built to take abuse, they’re built to survive the harshness of international shipping and come out on the other side with the contents perfectly intact. You could theoretically leave these containers outside for years, and other than possibly rust you wouldn’t have much to worry about. It would take an act of God to really do damage to a shipping container.

Mobile Offices

Shipping containers reign supreme when it comes to storage mobility, other storage methods can’t compare. Storage sheds are stuck in place wherever you put them, they’re pretty good and all but what happens when you need to move? Or you need to have your workshop elsewhere? Not going to happen. Storage units are good in their own right, but you have to go all the way out there any time you want to retrieve or drop off anything, that’s just a pain. What if you need something right now and don’t feel like taking a drive to go get it? Can’t blame you there. That’s why conex containers are supreme, they are very mobile, you can load it on a truck and have them dropped off exactly wherever you may need it.

When it comes down to making a final choice for your storage needs, you need to choose what’ll meet your needs best and offer you the most bang for your buck. On that note you can go ahead and eliminate storage units, not only are they inconvenient but those monthly fees are really going to add up over time. A shed is essential the weaker and inferior version of a Charlotte storage containers. Not only is it not nearly as portable, but it’s far weaker and will serve you well for less time. SO if you want the best thing for you, you need to look into getting a conex container for all of your storage needs.