Different Ways Of Heating Your Place With The Sun

What most people do in order to get heat is simply press a button or turn a dial, which is handy, but not necessarily the most effective way. Solar power, which is not hard to install, is an economical method of heating schools and businesses, and even homes. Even in the wintertime, there are many ways to capture the sunshine. You have to have a solar source, like a sun room, which will not only attract the sun rays, but also needs to trap the heat.

A sun room is usually attached to the house and is made out of a lot of floor to ceiling glass panels. To be able to get the full effect of the heat, these rooms are normally positioned so they are facing the morning sun. The sun rays enter the room unimpeded by the glass and heat up everything within it. The heat continues to be within the room, because it cannot escape through the glass walls. This is a very efficient, natural form of heat , if the room’s construction is properly performed.

There are other kinds of solar heating systems, one of which is thermal mass, which attracts heat and then keeps it. It works by absorbing and retaining the heat until the sun sets and then starts to distribute it. There is the trombe wall, a natural solar heating as well as ventilation system which works by the use of air channels which hold the heat. A thermal mass and a glass object are set to face the sun, and the heat is captured between the two. The heat is retained inside a wall and eventually radiated by it, moving through appropriately placed vents. Another one that also uses a wall facing the sun is a transpired collector, which heats the air with the captured sunlight, as it enters the ventilation system.

Solar is not just for warming, you also get solar cooling systems for ventilating structures. It has a solar powered steam engine, which is attached to a cooling device, and it takes the heat that is absorbed, turning it into ice. A different sort of solar ventilation system, made from a thermal mass that has been hollowed out, is the solar chimney. Air in the chimney is warmed and as it rises it is circulated to where it is needed. As you can see there are several ways that businesses and residences can be warmed. These are but some of the different methods by which the sun’s energy, in conjunction with natural materials, can be used to provide heat. Only green resources are utilized and the heating is entirely natural.

If you want to stop making use of non-renewable resources to heat up your house, the examples provided earlier should provide food for thought. The one power source they utilize is the sun. You are going to get the best use from these systems if your residence is situated in a consistently sunny area. Everyone requires a source of energy for heating their home.

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